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OKH had a very nice rally from 30 cents to around 0.75 cents since its IPO. It was sold down severely in the past two weeks and dropped a lot. Now it is very oversold and the support at 0.5 is quite strong. A strong stock usually does not drop in a straight line, OKH may have a nice rebound thereafter. The volume of past a few days was pretty low as compared to the normal trading volume for this stock, it may indicates that the sellers became weak and need to take a break for short term. From the fundamental perspective, the recent quarterly report released on 29 August was not good. However, the stock ran from 55 cents to 80 cents after that. It seems that the market has managed to digest this information already. The stock is not likely to be seriously affected by its fundamental before the release of next quarterly report, which is likely at the end of Nov. One may consider buy on weakness during pull back and expect a strong rebound for short term. Do take note that the uptrend pattern for this stock has broken, the setup is just to catch a potential strong rebound rather than to catch an uptrend stock. It is not realistic to expect the stock can resume the uptrend soon according to the current pattern.
today got a chance and made a intraday trade. STI usually does not provide a lot of intraday opportunities. today lucky!




Noble was mentioned for long at 0.965 and helped some of you made nice profit. Then it was mentioned again on 23 Oct, saying that not to chase on top and the price pull back right after that. The stock is still strong and may consider to buy on weakness during pull back. because it had gone up quite a bit, I will be conservative on the entry price. 
Semb corp was strong recently. After break above the resistance at 5.33, it made a 7 month high. It formed a strong uptrend since early Sept. From weekly chart we can see that it breakout of the resistant trendline. The moving averages (I used 7MA and 13MA personally) and MACD historgram also indicates that it is in an nice midterm uptrend. We may also want to take note that when STI dropped from late Sept to early Oct, sembcorp just dropped a bit and made a new high right away when STI was still struggling. It is a sign of strength and the uptrend may continue after the consolidation. One may consider buy on weakness during pull back. The risk for this setup is low. From fundamental perspective, the recently quarterly report released on 6 August was not very impressive, revenue and profit of the company dropped 6.35 and 15% respectively. But both data are still stable. Besides, the rally after the report shows that the market had digested this information already. The next quarterly report will be release on 11 Nov 2013, the stock is not subject to unexpected fluctuation brought by financial report before that.

MapletreeGCC has been going down for the past 3 over weeks. Now it is sitting above the important support at around 0.865. Stochastic oscillator indicates that this stock is quite oversold and may have a rebound. In addition, it can be seen that the stock was fast when going up and slow in going down. It also can be seen that the sell down volume was low. All these signals indicate that it is reasonable to expect MapletreeGCC to have a nice rebound in the next a few days. From the fundamental perspective, the recent financial statement showed that the company is stable in cash flow and management. Considering that China reported stabilized economic data recently, it may in favor of mapletreeGCC. Besides, the next quarterly report for MapletreeGCC is likely to be released end of Oct, the price is not likely to be affected by the release of report in the next 1-2 weeks. One may consider buy on breakout of the resistance and expect it to have a strong rebound. From weekly chart, this stock is in a downtrend, so this trade is more for catching a rebound only.
Ossia was very strong between late August to mid Sept. thereafter, it did not drop but formed a big chart consolidation pattern. As it made all time high and did not had a severe drop thereafter, it may make new all time high after consolidation. In the past a few days, we can see it pull back with the market. But the sell down was slow with low volume. It is a sign of strength. one may consider to buy on the breakout of the previous day and expect it at least to have a rebound to the recent high.
Loyznergy was mentioned on the Saturday seminar. After go through other stocks again after I come back, I really feel it is a good setup to me. It made a 1 year high with high volume, indicating that the uptrend is strong. Recently, it pull back to consolidate, we can see that the selling volume during the pull back is low and shrinking. After the consolidation, the uptrend is likely to resume. one may consider to buy on weakness during pull back and expect the trend to resume thereafter.
Mirach is similar to tritech, which had run yesterday. Mirach made new all time high and went up strongly in late august. We can see that the sell down thereafter was pretty weak, indicating that the uptrend is not likely to finish already. In the past 2 over weeks, this stock pull back to consolidate. If it break the high of the previous day, it is likely to continue the uptrend and have a nice move again.


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